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Purple Slice Ultimate Cleaner (Gallon) SHIPS FREE !!

$60.00 was $70.00


Spray on Wipe off! Save time and money by using one cleaner to remove stains on different applications. Ultimate Cleaner is a degreaser / spot remover that contains no bleach, ammonia, acid and is non-flammable. It will cut through the toughest of stains with no residue and not harm original finish!

Use Where?
Clothing, carpets, toilet bowls, walls, floors, wicker, and appliances. Will eliminate stains such as blood, pet, liquor, wine, grease, gum, hair dye, food, oil, grape juice, coffee, finger smudges and much more.

Use How?
Spray and wipe! For tougher stains, like water spots, spray on & wait 30 seconds to wipe off!
Use full strength or dilute up to 25 to 1.

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