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Purple Slice (32oz)



Purple Slice is a professional grade speed detailer. Safe to use on hundreds of surfaces, leaving brilliant shine and long-lasting protection. Gently and safety lifts dirt and grim with no streaking, leaving a water-bead finish. No need for multiple products, Purple Slice does it all. 

Use Where?
Use to clean and remove oxidation, bug splats, sap, droppings and other contaminants. Safe for clear-coats while bringing gleaming luster to chrome accents, wheels, aluminum, trim, headlights and windshields. Spray, wipe and be amazed.

Take it indoors and use on appliances, stainless steel, jewelry, counter tops, flat screen TV's, computers, cell phones, sporting equipment, eyeglasses, mirrors and much more.

Use How?

Spray on and wipe with reusable micro fiber cloth. No water needed!

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