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About Us

We created this site to reward our loyal Purple Slice customers with "SHOW PRICE" when they place orders here throughout the year!

VSR Enterprises is a Master Distributor of Purple Slice Products.

Purple Slice is a EZ spray detailer for any surface, just SPRAY & WIPE!   It CLEANS, WAXES & POLISHES in one easy step leaving a protected surface and a brilliant shine!  Use it on any vehicle, in your home, on anything you want to clean, protect, & shine!  Check out Youtube for demonstrations of each product.

We still want to see you at the shows to keep you up to date with the latest products and techniques to keep your vehicles looking their best!

If this is your first time on our site WELCOME!  For your first order we offer a 15% discount just for giving us a try!  Type in promo code "Welcome 15" at checkout, it's that easy! Remember, that's 15% off the "SHOW PRICE".  What a great deal!!  Of course we offer a "moneyback guarantee"!

Checkout "COUPON CODES" for additional savings!



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