August 24 2013 Saturday at 04:17 PM

What's so special about Purple Slice?

Purple Slice spray detailer is the ONLY product in the industry you can spray on a HOT surface resulting in the product cleaning, polishing, and waxing without ever streaking or staining!  At the same time it is putting down such a durable, long lasting coating it will with-stand the high temperatures of even motorcycle exhaust pipes.  Once you use our spray detailer on your exhaust pipes your boots, rainsuit, plastic bags, microfiber cloths, etc. will still melt to your pipes....but.......they won't stick!


Remember our products are not just for motorcycles.  They're for all your vehicles and household cleaning projects where you want to clean and protect the finish in ONE EASY STEP, JUST SPRAY & WIPE!


Let's talk about cleaning and detailing in future posts. Please send me your questions and ideas & I'll teach you the detailer's secrets!